If you chance upon Minoh beer at one of the craft beer bars in downtown Osaka, consider yourself the luckiest tippler around.

Located in Minoh, about 30 minutes outside of Osaka, the brewery is one of those hidden gems that’s worth a special trip.

Minoh Brewery

This tiny little outfit pumps out perfection while fans can camp out at the adjacent bar to taste-test  whatever’s in stock or on tap that day.

The brewery was opened in 1997 by Masaji Ohshita, who is considered the “godfather of craft beer” in Japan.

Minoh Brewery

The revered brew master passed away in 2012, so his wife and daughters now run the show, producing classic IPAs and stouts alongside creative seasonal styles, including a peach Monkey beer, a cabernet beer and even a ganja variation.

Spend an entire afternoon working your way through as many beers as you can — and don’t miss the award-winning stout.

Minoh Brewery's award-winning stout
Minoh Brewery’s award-winning stout

Getting There

  1. Take Osaka’s Hankyu Umeda Station toward Minoh Line and get off Makiochi Station.
  2. Exit through the west gate, then turn right and walk till Megane no Aigan where you’ll see ann optician on the corner.
  3. Take a right till you get to Minoh City Hall.
  4. Turn left toward Nagino Park. You’ll see signs for AJI Beer on the right, and then you’ll see the sign for Minoh beer.

Warning: it’s closed on Thursdays!

Minoh Brewery: 3-19-11 Makiochi, Minoh, Osaka, +81-72-725-7234.

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