Looking for a beach getaway with a side of culture? Head straight to Da Nang and Hoi An. It’s the best of both worlds: Da Nang’s easy beach resorts make relaxing inevitable, while nearby Hoi An’s heritage has all kinds of cultural charm.

What to Do

Take a vespa tour! Easily the coolest way to see the sites, a private five-hour “Hoi An Countryside” tour with Vietnam Vespa Adventures will take you across the countryside on refurbished vintage bikes.

You’ll zig-zagged across a bamboo bridge, fly through rice paddy fields, and stop into villages to taste freshly made banh dap rice crackers and coffee.

Traditional rice crackers made in the countryside of Hoi An.

Where to Drink

A boutique spot by the beach, A La Carte Hotel is a budget-friendly option for leisure and business travelers.

The shiny hotel is well-equipped with spacious apartment-style rooms, but the main draw is the rooftop bar and infinity pool.

This breezy space peers up and down the coast, and serves up excellent cocktails to boot.

Where to Eat

Considered the epicenter of Vietnamese cuisine, Hoi An has crazy good food.

Don’t leave without trying the monster banh mi sandwiches at Banh Mi Phuong (Phan Chau Trinh, Hoi An, (+84) 905-743-773).

This crispy sandwich is packed with spicy sauces, tons of pork, chunks of pate, fresh herbs and an optional fried egg (do it).

Find it along Hoang Dieu Street, at the far eastern entrance of the market; the long line should give it away.

I had a great meal at Miss Ly Cafeteria (22 Nguyen Hue St., Hoi An, (+84) 510-386-1603), which is one of the oldest restaurants in Hoi An.

The place is most famous for its fish wrapped in banana leaves, but you’ll also enjoy the open-faced fried wontons.


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