Aman Resorts has long been a champion of slow-paced luxury. So when the brand announced a new sister collection, Janu (meaning “soul” in Sanskrit), in March, we couldn’t wait to hear more.

Janu caters to a “creative class of travelers” with a strong emphasis on design and architecture, local collaborations, environmentally conscious principles and a shared sense of community.

The goal? To “kickstart human interaction again,” as CEO Vladislav Doronin said in a statement.

The brand’s first three hotels – in Montenegro, Al Ula (Saudi Arabia) and Tokyo – are set to debut in 2022, with five more to follow in remote, lesser-frequented locales.

Janu Montenegro Pool with CabanasSocial wellness

The Aman brand has become synonymous with seclusion and relaxation, but Janu has a different philosophy, called ‘social wellness.’ Essentially, through immersive activities and design, the hotel hopes to enable guests to forge lasting connections with other people.

Janu hotels will feature group classes or activities like budo (Japanese martial arts), yoga, spinning, art tours, cooking lessons, and wine-tastings. Meanwhile, shared spaces “will be designed in a way that will encourage connectedness between guests” – think dynamic, multi-purpose lounge areas, bars and restaurants.

Inventive dining

In the kitchen, Janu will focus on culinary programs driven by wellness and innovation. Culinary practices like fermentation, pickling, and low-temperature cooking will likely make appearances, as will open kitchens and convivial counter dining.

Janu MontenegroMore accessible

Because of its emphasis on socialising and community, Janu hotels and resorts will be larger than Aman’s usual properties. While still firmly in the boutique category, the first Janu hotel in Montenegro will have about 150 rooms.

Guests will also have access to multiple pools – each with cabanas and views of the coastline – the first Janu Spa, and an outdoor bar and restaurant.

And even though Janu hotels will still have premium price tags, they will be more accessible than big sister, Aman.

New residences

The Janu community will extend beyond short-term getaways. If you absolutely love living at the resort, why not stay forever? Janu Montenegro will incorporate the brand’s first ‘serviced residence concept’, which enables guests to fully embrace the Janu lifestyle for long-term stays.

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